Welcome to the Weird West Roundup!

Welcome to the Weird West Roundup, where Westerns, Horror, and Supernatural fiction are pards. This is a site to discuss and promote Vintage Weird West, Weird Western Tales from the 1950s, 1970s, and stories from contemporary authors.

We’ll also look at other Western fiction mashups, including Sci-Fi westerns, Steampunk westerns, and other genres.

Though we’ll primarily focus on short stories, novels, and anthologies, there will be plenty of chances to ponder comic books, graphic novels, television, film and other media.

If it’s Weird and Western, it’s fair game. So saddle up and mosey on in to the Weird West Roundup!

Patrick at Bergen Peak copyYOUR HOST: This blog is hosted by Patrick Dorn. I read and write Weird West stories and novels. Personally, I’m particularly interested in the California Mission period (which is a mite early to be truly “western”) and New Mexico during the Republic years, 1821-1851. I’ve pitched my tent in Denver, Colorado, for nigh on 33 years, but originally hail from the City of Angels, California. You can learn more about me and the other irons in my fire at www.patrickdorn.com.

ATTENTION AUTHORS: If you are writing Weird West Fiction, and would like to have your story or book reviewed on this site, or if you’d like to write a guest post, send me an e-mail at PatrickDorn.Writer@gmail.com. My reviews include links to Amazon sales pages.

ATTENTION READERS: If you want to recommend a story or book for this blog, send me an e-mail at PatrickDorn.Writer@gmail.com. I’m always on the lookout for friends and creators of Weird Westerns.

This blog is currently under construction, but very soon I hope to have an e-mail list set up, and something free to give you for signing on to the list. So keep your eyes peeled!