Book Review: All-Star Western Vol. 1 (graphic novel)

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Jonah Hex, DC Comics’ most popular bounty hunter is back with a vengeance in All-Star Western #1, (2011) by Justin Gray, illustrated by Jimmy Palmiotti Moritat, with additional material by Phil Winsldae and Jordi Bernet.

In a genius bit of mash-up, Hex leaves his preferred open country for the sprawling 19th century Gotham City, where he takes on a criminal conspiracy, an underground child-stealing ring, and more. Despite his monstrously disfigured face, there’s nothing supernatural about Jonah Hex. The truly “weird western” part of the story kicks in when he and temporary partner Dr. Arkham (prior to building his infamous asylum) stumble upon an underground cavern that has an ancient race of subterranean humans and a gigantic bat. Right. Jonah Hex discovered the Bat Cave and subsequently meets the wealthy Wayne family who lives in a mansion directly above.

The story is action-packed, and though Hex pretends to be cold-hearted, he’s a relentless defender and avenger on behalf of the innocent. Arkham is a bit of a weenie, which annoys the loner Hex no end and to fun dramatic effect.

The volume also includes short adventures of El Diablo (fighting zombies) and also The Barbary Ghost (taking revenge on a Chinese criminal overlord).

The stories are excellent and fast-paced, and the illustrations are outstanding. Fans of the original Jonah Hex comics will enjoy these, though the blood factor has been ramped up considerably.

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A Weird Tale of the California Missions

A warrior monk with a mechanical hand hunts a shape-shifting, blood-sucking creature that has been slaughtering goats at San Antonio de Padua Mission.

This is part of the Weird Tales of the California Missions series, featuring the exploits of Teutonic Knight Otto Eisenschaf, “peculiar intercessor” for Father Junípero Serra, from 1778 to 1783.

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This is a Weird Western short story with a Catholic twist. Approximately 8,200 words. Rated “PG” for action.

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I just finished my first draft of a new Weird Western story!

Ugliest Man.png

Today I finished the first draft of a short story that takes place in my “Inquisitor” universe. Dominican priest Aidan McGrath joins forces with a youthful tailor and a homely muleteer to climb the formidable Sandia Mountains and rescue a Quinceañera from her abductor, the legendary Hairy Man. The story, which is set in 1833 New Mexico, has action, humor, and a mythic monster–with a Catholic twist.

I’m going to let the story rest for a few days, do my first round of revising and editing, then share it with my critique group and my editor. Next comes formatting, organizing pre-launch marketing, and finally publishing the story on Amazon-Kindle. All this will take place within the next month or two.

I’ll let you know when I’m ready to launch this fun, exciting story.

* * *

IN OTHER NEWS, I plan to upgrade this blog to “business class” in the next day or so. Then I can add a form that will allow you to subscribe to the Patrick Dorn Author Newsletter, which will come out monthly or thereabouts, with updates on all my various writing projects.