REVIEW: The Cowboys of Cthulhu, by Dean Bain

Weird West short story.

Cowboys-of-CthulhuThe Cowboys of Cthulhu (Riders of the Weird West)

Dean Bain’s short story The Cowboys of Cthulhu (available only on Amazon/Kindle) is fifty-four pages of rip-roaring, “weird west” supernatural horror fiction, complete with a notorious gunslinger, a mystic “Celestial,” a deadly snake oil salesman, a trained bear, and space-warping squid-faced monsters that fire multiple six-guns with their head-tentacles.


Fans of H.P. Lovecraft and the pulp “weird west” comics and amazing stories of days gone by will thoroughly appreciate Bain’s attention to 19th-century style prose, exotic characters, and the mind-boggling danger of awakening a sleeping, subterranean elder god.

The short story is the prequel to the full-length Riders Where There Are No Roads, which is available both in paperback and on Kindle.

I’m immersing myself in “weird west” tales in preparation for writing my own series of supernatural horror short stories, set during the California Mission period.

The Cowboys of Cthulhu sets the bar pretty high. It’s horror/western yarn-spinning at its best.

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